A gentle but highly effective 

form of stress and pain relief.

"The migraines caused by the tension in my jaw decreased. This has had a huge effect on my life because they could be completely debilitating. BSR has also improved my general sense of wellbeing."


Rachel, Teacher


The unique touch of BSR. This gentle, hands-on technique effectively assists the body in releasing stored muscular tension

– helping to maintain health and reduce the effects of stress overload, which is at the root of many painful or uncomfortable conditions.


Clients have found BSR helped to alleviate:

Back pain    Headaches   Sciatic pain


Numbness   Anxiety   Fatigue


Repetitive strain injury   Stiffness


Muscle cramps   Digestive issues


Migraines   Neck and shoulder pain


Fibromyalgia   and more

© Body Stress Release NC

Body Stress Release was developed in South Africa in the 1980s. It has since spread to more than 20 countries and is now available in North Carolina for the first time. This gentle but powerful complementary technique helps to restore the body's natural capacity for healing and wellness.

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