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About me

I had been working in desk-based jobs in London in the UK for almost 10 years when I first noticed the pain in my hands. It got progressively worse to the point that I could barely function at work. 

I'm originally from South Africa, where Body Stress Release was developed. I knew about the ​technique because it had helped my mother find relief from chronic back pain. I sought out a practitioner near my office. Within days, the pain in my hands was gone, and thanks to regular maintenance sessions combined with the posture tips and self-help techniques that I got from my BSR practitioner, Chris, it didn't come back.

It was partly in response to this experience that I decided to switch careers and become a Body Stress Release practitioner myself. The other reason was that my office window looked out onto a concrete jungle, and it was time for a change.


In 2012, I went to South Africa to study at the original Body Stress Release Academy near Knysna, on the stunningly scenic Garden Route. Being there changed my life in so many ways. It taught me how to practice BSR, of course, and seeing the change this gentle technique has brought to the lives of my clients has been inspiring over and over again. It also introduced me to a worldwide community of amazing fellow practitioners, many of whom have become dear friends. And it reawakened a love of living in nature, which ultimately led to me and my husband Jonathan and our two cats making another big change by leaving London and starting life anew in North Carolina. 

Today, you will find my practice at the end of a winding, unpaved road in a beautiful woodland setting that feels many miles from anywhere but is really just a few minutes from downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill. It is one of the most perfect locations I could have imagined for healing and new connections. And so the journey continues.

Willie Schönborn

Body Stress Release Practitioner

You can find other practitioners around the country by checking the directory at

All BSR practitioners around the world study at the Body Stress Release Academy in South Africa or in Europe. Both academies are in beautiful settings, and both accept applications once a year. Find out how you can become a practitioner.

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The view from my window while studying at the BSR Academy at Rondevlei
On the Swartberg Pass in South Africa
Into the beautiful woodlands near Chapel Hill
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