About Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release is a unique complementary health technique which assists

the body in restoring its in-built ability to heal and maintain itself. 

The symptoms of deeply held muscle tension, or body stress, can be structural, such as long-term back pain, neck pain, recurring headaches, recurring joint problems. Or they can be general, such as insomnia, hampered functioning and the day-to-day sensations people associate with feeling stressed.


By helping to unlock previously blocked neural pathways, Body Stress Relese assists the body in restoring its self-healing capacity. Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to the elderly. It is not a diagnosis or treatment of any condition. 


Body Stress Release Technique | back pain and neck pain relief

"Body Stress Release has taken so much tension out of my life. Very often when I go into the session I feel exhausted and with very low energy. When I come out, I have a real spring in my step."


David, Retiree

What to expect


Body Stress Release practitioners use information provided by the body to determine where stored tension is undermining the nervous system and negatively affecting the body's natural ability to heal. The practitioner uses the body itself as a biofeedback mechanism.


While you lie down, fully clothed, your practitioner will test your body for stored tension. The practitioner conducts gentle pressure tests, especially along the spine, and observes neuromuscular reflex responses in the legs and feet. They will then facilitate the release of tension using a gentle pressure and precise impulse of the hand. 

Body Stress Release Biofeedback

Dialogue with your practitioner


During your first appointment, your practitioner will take a detailed case history, asking you about any past injuries or health issues. At subsequent appointments they will ask you to describe any physical changes or sensations you have noticed since the last session.


Each session will end with a discussion of progress. Your practitioner may also give you some advice on posture or show you some simple self-help techniques. 

"I would recommend BSR to anyone. Even those without muscle tension problems can benefit from it. It's a relaxing experience that works out tension, sometimes that you don't even know you have."


Rachel, Teacher

How many appointments will I need?


Body Stress Release is a self-healing process, and an initial course of three sessions is recommended for all clients, usually over about a two-week period. 


Beyond that, the number and frequency of any further appointments can be agreed with your practitioner, depending on the body's adjustment.


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Stress: It's Not All in the Mind


This short (30 minute) film offers an excellent introduction to Body Stress Release.


Further reading


To learn more about BSR, including media coverage and to read the growing body of case histories, visit the International Body Stress Release website

To delve deeper, you can also order the book Self Healing With Body Stress Release via Amazon.