Testimonials: what my clients say about Body Stress Release

"I have long had problems with the muscles in my jaw causing tension and resulting sometimes in migraines. The day after my first BSR session, I noticed that I woke up with much less tension in my jaw. Over the following weeks the tension subsided quite significantly and the migraines decreased. This has had a huge effect on my life because they could be completely debilitating."

Rachel, Teacher

"My wife saw me shortly after my first Body Stress Release session and said I was walking taller and straighter. For me it really does unlock that tension which you can feel in your body, especially in your back. I feel it can only have a beneficial effect on emotional stress as well."


David, Retiree

"I had felt stressed and exhausted for months before my first BSR appointment. But when I left after about 45 minutes, I had so much energy. I was amazed at how such a gentle procedure could have such results. I also noticed after the first couple of sessions how so much tension had gone from my neck."


Mike, Teacher

"For years I suffered from terrible sciatic pain as a result of an accident. Body Stress Release is the only thing I've found that makes this manageable. I honestly don't know what I would do without it."


Elizabeth, Retiree

"Working at a desk for long hours and over many years caused an unbearable pain to develop in my left shoulder, making it nearly impossible for me to work. Body Stress Release takes that pain away and has given me back my productivity."


Jonathan, Business Consultant